How NewAgeSys Develops a Successful Team in the Workplace?

How NewAgeSys Develops a Successful Team in the Workplace?

One of the key elements of a strong workforce in an organization is Teamwork. The more compatibility within a team, the better the performance. A good team would enhance critical thinking and risk-taking which is essential for the growth of an establishment. However, since the pandemic, the employees have been removed from their office environment and put in their homes where they had to recreate the work atmosphere and this has taken a major toll on the stability of teamwork in organizations. We try to make sure that while working at NewAgeSyseveryone is able to cope with this through virtual programmes and activities that would encourage people to come together, participate and interact with each other but maintaining solid teamspirit is still a tedious process online.

What makes a good team different from the rest?

Good teams encourage each other to think out of the box, challenge the usual stream of work, come up with something groundbreaking etc. They keep each other motivated and that is what helps them go a long way. Some of their distinguishable characteristics are:

Setting attainable targets: Good teams are ambitious but they don’t drain themselves out by setting unrealistic goals and not achieving them. They are motivated to set realistic goals, and strategically move towards achieving them. Monitoring their progress is also something that keeps them on track towards their goals. 

High commitment levels: They do the work not only because they’re getting something out of it, but also because they feel committed to it. Increased levels of commitment result in high productivity, proper discipline, great time management etc. 

Accountability: A team grows stronger as they build the feeling of accountability amongst them. This increases the sense of responsibility, risk-taking and the members will be pushed to take up challenges as they trust the fact that the team will have their back even if they fail. 

Learning and experimenting: A good team would always be up for experimenting and thinking out of the same set of ideas and concepts. They stand up for it and are confident to present their views and opinions in front of others. Even though this would increase risk factors and the chances of failure, they would be geared up to face it and learn from the mistakes to come up with something much better. 

Changing dynamics and adaptability: One of the key characteristics of a workplace is its changing dynamics. An example of the same is the shift from offline work environment to online, increased pressure days etc. A good team is the one to quickly adapt and help each other out in such situations.

How NewAgeSys works towards building a strong and successful team?

Be inclusive and promote diversity:

Diversity is one of the parameters by which an organization’s standards are judged. A diverse and inclusive organization is not only giving the company intangible benefits such as branding and reputation in the ever-changing society but is also bringing a variety of ideas from all over the world into the table and hence increasing the potential of growth. 

Chart attainable goals and recognize achievements:

Surrealistic goals never yield any benefits for the organization other than unnecessary stress. One of the ways employees are helped to overcome this while working at NewAgeSys is setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time – based) goals. Such goals are easier to achieve, track, analyze and help the members to understand their capabilities and also to celebrate the small milestones. Celebrating achievements and mainly developing an appreciation culture would keep a team happy. A happy team who is rewarded for their hard work would always result in high productivity, loyalty, inspiration to others and a good work atmosphere.

Lay down the roles and duties clearly:

Being aware of their roles and responsibilities brings clarity into the organization and to ensure that the members could be trained and mentored from the beginning about the workflow, the tasks could be broken down and assigned at earlier stages, reasonable deadlines could be set and their progress could be tracked. All of this would give a better idea of who is good at what which would allow a team to divide the work efficiently. 

In order to reduce organizational conflicts while working at NewAgeSys, we aim at cultivating a feeling of respect, transparency, a platform for expressing opinions for everyone, dealing with disagreements etc. This is important as internal stakeholders are as important as the external as they are the primary advocates of the organization.

Promoting feedback culture:

Providing the team to express their opinions and by listening to what they have to say goes a long way in terms of the overall growth of the organization. This helps to identify their pain points, the organization’s weak spots and helps to resolve both efficiently. NewAgeSys ensures this by taking timely reviews from the members, giving out surveys etc.

As long as the team members are patient to take measures to grow together under a good leadership – the overall performance of the organization will go up the charts gradually. What is required is clear strategies, respect, and genuine efforts and a successful team will find its way towards each other.

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