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From banking and insurance to wealth manage ent and securities distribution, we dedicate financial on services the teams serve all major sectors.

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From banking and insurance to wealth manage ent and securities distribution, we dedicate financial on services the teams serve all major sectors.

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From banking and insurance to wealth manage ent and securities distribution, we dedicate financial on services the teams serve all major sectors.

Deepak Prakash

General Manager - Project Delivery & Planning

What makes NewAgeSys different from other workplaces is the pragmatic attitude and the transparency that it follows from top to bottom level. A ‘typical day’ is never typical here. At NewAge there is always something challenging happening and every day here for an employee is filled with new learning opportunities .

Here ideas are valued over hierarchy, everyone gets equal opportunities to showcase their ideas and thoughts. Hardwork and dedication are recognized and reciprocated right in time.

I am beholden to all the opportunities that I have received at NewAgeSys since 2005. NewAge has given me chances to wear multiple hats, empowered me with freedom to make decisions and has always strived to fuel me with a great blend of resourceful workforce.

Jingle Rapheal

General Manager (Placements & Recruitment)

My association with NewAgeSys dates backs to the early days of the company, way back in the 2000’s when we started off as a small office and to this day when we work from a posh office space and with many more employees. I have spent 15 years of my career with NewAgeSys and hope to take it forward as well. I joined NewAgeSys in 2005 as a US IT recruiter, the first to get a placement in the Kochi office, a sense of pride that I still carry with me. The details of the very first candidate I recruited remains etched in my memory- John Gong, Oracle DBA candidate who was placed at NY Port Authority. John worked there for around 2.5 years. Now, in the year 2020 I am the General Manager (GM) for Placements and Recruitment, heading a team of 70. Our team, under my leadership has helped the recruitment solutions of our company grow with each passing year. With almost zero placements in a year to more than 200, we are raising the bar higher each day. I have been instrumental in revamping the way we function. Our employee incentive schemes have been a huge success, helping the company to retain employees. This is the reason why most of our employees have been with us for more than 10 years. An incredible achievement!

Well, I could keep writing about my personal achievements for a few more paras, but I’d like to turn the focus on how I’ve helped my organization grow. Other areas that my team and myself have worked on to help the company develop are
• Developed a fully functional hiring and training plan.
• Modifying the conventional ‘walk-in interviews’ method that was not yielding much success in terms of finding the talents we were looking for and introducing campus hiring system. As the part of implementing the same, we visited some of the major B schools in South India. As a result, we could hire and are still hiring skilled resources for our company, forming a team of top-notch performers.
• Successful in bringing ex-employees back to the organization.
• Hired and trained many candidates and helped them grow in their career.
• Last but not the least, I was also instrumental in introducing the ‘leaderboard’ concept that comprises gamification in our internal (ATS) Applicant Tracking System. This has been a great success in motivating employees and has helped in establishing a healthy peer competition.

As our company turns 25, I am confident about its growth, exceeding our own benchmarks. We hope to perform as a team at large also developing those who are in directly associated with us as well. Proud to see NewAgeSys complete its glorious 25 years and expecting many more successful ones.
Thanks, Jingle Rapheal.

Eldho K Abraham

Project Manager

It has been 12 years with NewAgeSys now. Working with a company for more than a decade explains the relationship it maintains with the employees. With each passing day, the enthusiasm to work keeps on increasing. Thanks to the ever-evolving work culture at NewAgeSys that is always open to incorporate innovations and changes. The professional growth that I have received from the company cannot be measured in words. Looking forward to many more years with NewAgeSys.

Shinu T

Project Manager

I have been working at NewageSys since the year 2007, when the company had just ventured into Software development. I started my career here as a Jr Software Engineer and, over the years have worked my way up to become a Project Manager, pursuing my dream of becoming successful in the desired career front. Unlike its counterparts, NewAgeSys is an organization where one can for a longer inning precisely because the company is fully dedicated for the development of its employees and not just concerned about profit-making. A work culture that promotes efficient and open communication is the biggest strengths of the company.

What I enjoy most is the fact that I am constantly learning new skills, both technical and interpersonal. The work atmosphere here is transparent and every employee, irrespective of his/her designation is given a chance to be heard. In addition to this, there are also ample opportunities available to those who want to build a good career here. It is an organization with a contemporary, innovative, and entrepreneurial approach that makes it different from others. I have met many ignited minds in this company who have motivated me to work more efficiently. It is a privilege to work for NewAgeSys and something I am grateful for every day.

Bibin Das M

Senior Business Development Manager

I’ve been with NewAgeSys since 2010 and have had the benefit of working with some great professionals and team players here. The journey has been great and I wish only the best for our continued success in servicing our clients. Proud to be associated with a company that strongly aligns to its core values.

Jaison Francis

Administrative Manager

On Being a Cause to Make Someone Smile Mother Teresa once said, “I’m just a little pencil in the hand of God who draws beautiful pictures”. More than a decade’s service here made me feel that this quote has something to do with my life at NewAgeSys. 

I joined here as an administrative executive in 2008. Since then to the days I’m now as the Administrative Manager who leads the team, I have witnessed a smile that sprouted on every face at NewAgeSys. It’s the smile that is created by the management by an unbeaten record of paying their employees in time. Despite the action of God happening in the recent years and even in the recent pandemic days, the management has never failed to credit the salary in time. Ain’t that make life easier for the employees. It does,  because though we may have many reasons to work for any firm, our ultimate goal is to earn the bread and butter for the family.

Everyone should have planned things for the next month. And all the plans would be based on the salary which is getting credited for the month. Here at NewAgeSys, the plans of their employees were never caused, because, if there’s a date marked 1st of the month on the calendar, the salary would have hit the account before the sun sets. What if it happened to be a holiday? Good question. Then you expect it to happen not on the next working day, but the previous working day before the holidays happen. Thus the lives of the employees here at NewAgeSys is made easier and of course, it is the reason that creates the smile on everyone’s face. 

Being a part of the administration, I’m so proud to say that I could do my best to keep this going without any failure. I would humbly say, out of so many other things I could say about NewAgeSys, this stands out for me, Thank you NewAgeSys for making me a part of an unbeaten record that creates a smile for the hundreds here.

Neethu AB

Team Lead

My wonderful journey with NewAgeSys started on the 19th of July 2010. During these 10 years of my association with the company, I have been fortunate enough to see the company growing and reaching new heights. Henceforth mentioning my development also, both professionally as well as personally. I have always received the support and guidance that is crucial for an employee to overcome various hurdles as part of his/er growing career. I wholeheartedly enjoy every day at NewAgeSys.

Pratheesh Kuriakose

Assistant IT Manager

My ‘relationship’ with NewAgeSys is 10-years-old and still counting. When I say relationship, it means the same in every sense so much so that the company has shaped me both professionally as well as personally. I fall short of words to thank NewAgeSys and my colleagues who have played a pivotal role in molding me into a confident person.


Jinson PL

Project Manager

I have been working with NewAgeSys for 13 years now. An organization that has created many talented engineers, technical experts and business analysts, the company is the apt place for those looking for a stable career, be it an intern looking to kick start his/her career or an experienced professional who is looking for better opportunities. Over the years, I have understood that the company’s reputation of helping and supporting its employees to the core is the major factor that has contributed towards its growth and popularity. Along with providing great career opportunities by enhancing and refining my skills, the work culture at NewAgeSys has been instrumental in developing me on a personal and professional level, making me one of the dedicated employees of the company.

Midhun Thomas

Recruitment Manager

My journey with NewAgeSys has been quite a roller coaster ride. Precisely because I had never thought of a career in recruitment industry and now, after 11 years of working in the company I have slowly and steadily reached the position where I proudly say that I am the Associate Recruitment Manager- IT. Apart from providing financial security, the job at NewAgeSys has given me the opportunity to work with some of the talented and skilled minds of the industry. This has in turn helped me grow at a personal front as well. Not forgetting to mention the wonderful colleagues who became friends and over the years like a family to me. A special mention to the management for supporting me through all these years and for creating a work environment that gives priority to employee development at large.


Shine Kumar

Creative Head

My journey at NewAgeSys comprises many chapters that narrate various incidents and moments that have become the guiding light of my professional life. From the post of a designer to creative head, life at NewAgeSys had been filled with challenges, trial and error methods to accomplish various tasks, learning from failures and not repeating them and finally about success stories as well. I would say that having a unique work culture that provides freedom to the employees to come up with innovative ideas is what makes the company stand out from the crowd. Looking forward to continue this association as I am confident that NewageSys has much more in store for me on a professional front.

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