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 Why NewAgeSys Consider Mindfulness at Workplace Important

Why NewAgeSys Consider Mindfulness at Workplace Important

We often find ourselves stuck in our bubble of thoughts, and most of the time, we don’t even intend to be there. Sometimes, even without us knowing, we are playing back conversations and arguments in our head, and other times we give ourselves anxiety thinking about our lives and future. It is so easy to lose ourselves in our thoughts, and what’s actually challenging is keeping our head straight at the task at hand. 

This can negatively impact our lives in many ways. Our productivity goes down, our mental health can take a hit, and it can further lead to even more overthinking. We make it a point that every employee working at NewAgesSys practices mindfulness at work always to keep up their optimal productivity and ensure the safety of their mental health. Mindfulness refers to the concentration given to the task at hand by focusing one mind on it and avoiding any form of distraction. 

This article discusses what mindfulness is and how it can be applied to boost productivity at your workplace and help your employees from getting distracted. We also take you through some of the best practices we have implemented with the employees working at NewAgeSys and explain how it can help you. Below, we discuss some of the best practices for implementing mindfulness at your workplace.

Meditation for Mindfulness

One of the best practices when it comes to mindfulness is to practice meditation, and for doing that, your employees need access to a place they are comfortable with. This place need not necessarily be a specially constructed meditation hall as comfortability criterion can vary between individuals but a dedicated place for meditation is always welcome. When meditating, sit in an upright position but make sure you are relaxed and focus on your breathing. 

In meditation, breathing is the key. Focus on how it feels and how your chest expands and contracts every time you breathe in and out. Let go of all the frustrations you may have, and even if you do feel intrusive thoughts coming in on you, just focus and try bringing back your attention to your breathing. This may seem hard at first, but you will get a knack for it eventually. 

Pay Attention to Your Environment

Today all of us lead a busy life where we constantly jump from our professional lives to our social lives, and the involvement of technology and social media has only made it worse. We hardly have any time to pay attention to our environment and observe what’s happening around us. When you feel like you are getting lost in your own thoughts, you could try observing what is happening around you at the moment.

This is a nifty trick that you can pretty much use anywhere, let lit be at the cubicle in your office, or on your way in the subway, or anywhere else for that matter. This takes your mind off whatever you were busy thinking and getting anxious about and brings you back to the moment you are in. 

Slow Down

We often make the mistake of charging in on a task at hand under the impression that it will help us concentrate more on it. But, this is not necessarily true, and many people often have the opposite results because it affects our quality of work. We encourage everyone working at NewAgeSys to slow down and focus on one task at a time and getting it done effectively.

Focus on Routine Tasks

Routine tasks can often make you feel bad as it probably makes you feel mundane, and it is normal for that to happen. However, it can be a very effective factor that forces us to lose ourselves in needless thought, and this can be avoided by just focusing on the finer details of your routine tasks. 

Accept What You Are Feeling

An important aspect of practicing mindfulness is to just accept your thoughts for what they are and acknowledging them. You need not classify your thoughts as being “good” or “bad” as it can end up affecting your self-esteem. Always remember that your thoughts do not define who you are.

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