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 How NewAgeSys Supportive Culture Enables Employee Wellbeing

How NewAgeSys Supportive Culture Enables Employee Wellbeing

Employees are our assets. This is something NewAgeSys as a company has believed in since the start. We believe that our employees are the driving force towards the success and growth of our company. Therefore, we always ensure that our employees have a supportive, encouraging environment to work in so that they can achieve their personal goals along with the company objectives. 

We also realized that creating a supportive culture is also key to employee wellbeing. This kind of supportive culture ensures that employee happiness is always at the center of it all no matter what. This culture not only looks after our employees but also motivates them to do their best whatever the situation is.  

To understand our organization culture better, here are a few examples of how work culture at NewAgeSys ensures employee wellbeing:

1.  It makes employees feel belonged: 

At the bottom of it all, the supportive work culture makes employees feel belonged. That is, each and every one of our employees feels cared for. They feel cared for by their colleagues, managers and other peers. They also feel seen and heard. This little support is enough to motivate employees and drive change. Our employees feel like a part of something bigger due to the supportive work culture at NewAgeSys.

2. It creates an open chain of communication: 

As mentioned earlier, when a supportive work culture is present in an organization, employees feel free to communicate openly with their managers and team members. Employees can discuss ideas and issues knowing that the team will always stand with them. This open chain of communication encourages team building, responsibility, and accountability. Being a part of a team is crucial to employee well-being as it makes each and everyone feel like they are making a difference in the organization. 

3. Gives importance to employee’s mental health: 

The supportive work culture at NewAgeSys also ensures employee well-being by giving a lot of importance to our employee’s mental health. We have realized that keeping our employee’s mental health in check is crucial to help them remain positive and motivated at the workplace. Looking into our employee’s mental health helps them to create a balance between their personal and professional lives. To ensure that our employees are doing well, we conduct various sessions with professional organizational counsellors on a regular basis. 

4. Encourages workplace socialization: 

Following an extremely supportive culture has also encouraged workplace socialization amongst our employees. Forming strong friendships at the workplace ensures our employee’s well-being. We also noticed that these friendships help add to the supportive culture and help employees follow a happier and healthier lifestyle. Creating such friendships makes employees feel comfortable and makes coming to work every day quite enriching. 

5. Achieving personal goals/Fulfillment:

Over the years, we have noticed that our work culture helps employees achieve their personal goals that result in maximum employee satisfaction. This satisfaction is a crucial factor in employee wellbeing. Every employee that works with us has a set of personal goals that they wish to achieve, we as an organization ensure that we create a pathway and a medium for employees to achieve these goals. This allows employees to grow their set of skills and also fulfil various other needs. 

6.  Financial security: 

Another way in which our supportive work culture ensures employee well-being is by offering each and every employee financial security. This without a doubt is an extremely important motivator for every employee, providing financial and job security motivates employees regularly, and having a supportive work culture allows employees to provide suggestions that can improve financial security and we as an organization work towards these suggestions. 

Lastly, we at NewAgeSys provide utmost importance to employee wellbeing as we know that for an organization to function smoothly, its employees are crucial. We also ensure that our work culture improves over time and that each of our employees follows the same. At the end of the day, the goal of our supportive work culture is to continuously focus on well-being, it has to be a goal that the whole company pursues, actively and publicly so that the personal and organizational goals are achieved without any hassle.

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