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 Different Ways Practiced in NewAgeSys that Improves Employee Development

Different Ways Practiced in NewAgeSys that Improves Employee Development

After spending years in the industry, we at NewAgeSys have understood that what really makes an organization stand out in the marketplace is not only the products and services they provide but also its employees. And therefore, after a lot of research and trial and error we have learned to look after our employees in the best way possible because at the end of the day our people are the most important.

We don’t look at employee development as just checking up on our employees once in a while, we look at it from a holistic perspective and help our employee’s professional and personal growth on a regular basis. Through employee development, we aim to strengthen our employee’s broad range of skills, whether it be flexibility, communication, leadership, etc. 

We also have understood that helping our employees build themselves through our various employee development programs establishes trust and loyalty between us. It also makes employees’ life at NewAgeSys a smooth and hassle-free one.

To understand our approach in a deeper sense, here are a few different ways practiced in NewAgeSys that improves employee development: 

1. Multiple Training Programmes:

The first and the foremost method that is followed to improve employee development is regular training. This method focuses on improving employee skills through workshops, hands-on training, videos, lectures, individual and group assignments, etc. We use these training programs at different intervals focusing on the specific need at hand, for example, one of these pieces of training can be for building leadership skills while the other can be for technical skills. These have proven to be extremely effective and helps employees grow using a few traditional techniques. 

2. Job rotation: 

During each employee’s life at NewAgeSys, they are encouraged to take up various different roles and perform different tasks that are outside of their skill set as a part of employee development. Task and job rotation allow employees to learn something new or practice what has been taught in theory. This also allows employees to widen their range of skills and gain experience on how to deal with unexpected situations.

3. Mentoring:

Another way that is practiced at NewAgeSys to improve employee development is mentoring. This method has proved to be the most successful amongst our employees as it includes being mentored by their managers themselves. This makes employees feel more comfortable and learn more skills from their reporting managers on a regular basis. All the managers and leaders in our organization are encouraged to teach the staff under their wing some necessary corporate skills that will help them grow up the ladder. 

4.  Performance reviews:

We believe in continuous improvement during life at NewAgeSys. Our employees are provided with a 360-degree performance review at the end of every financial year. This means getting feedback from various peers, managers, supervisors etc. about both their personal and professional performance. This feedback is often crucial in employee development and allows each employee to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. 

5. Focusing on soft skills: 

At NewAgeSys we emphasize something that is not often looked into during employee development, i.e. soft skills. These skills are extremely important in employee development and we ensure to practice these skills in the organization regularly. Soft skills include things like time management, collaboration, problem-solving, etc. We ensure that our employees gain these skills while working with each other and also conduct weekly lessons for the same. 

6. Conferences:

Just like training, employees are encouraged to attend large-scale conferences that are conducted on a regular inside and outside our organization. Conferences are a useful way to build networks and gain a vast set of industry skills. These conferences are an important factor that contributes to employee development as it allows employees to interact with various sets of people.

In conclusion, we at NewAgeSys believe that our employees are the center of our organization, and focusing on their needs is what will help us grow. We believe that through employee development, we are not only building our organization, but we are also molding the industry and world leaders of tomorrow who will take on our organization and the whole industry to another level. 

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