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 Methods Used in NewAgeSys to Improve Workplace Communication

Methods Used in NewAgeSys to Improve Workplace Communication

Workplace communication is the key to an efficient work process. Technology now plays a pivotal role in streamlining workplace communication. Emails, texts, and even dedicated chat applications have become the norm in workplace communication.

There are several ways through which you can ensure good workplace communication. The employees working at NewAgeSys have always managed to maintain efficient workplace communication. 

Below we discuss some of the methods used in NewAgeSys to improve workplace communication. Understanding how the employees working at NewAgeSys will help you streamline your own workplace communication.

Listening in Communication

One of the major reasons for poor workplace communication is our inability to listen. Our minds tend to wander even when we are actively having a conversation. The employees working at NewAgeSys were able to avoid this by using a mental checklist for the crucial points.

The checklist can also be a physical one because writing down things tends to plant the idea deeper in your mind. Furthermore, the listener’s effort to stay focused makes the other person feel more valued and appreciated.

Physical Communication

Virtual communication channels such as emails or text messages are ideal for instantaneously sending and receiving messages. However, it often fails to convey any form of feeling behind the message such as urgency.

The tone of voice intended in a message is often lost when you use virtual channels. Hence, physical communication is never fully replaceable in workplace communication. It enables one to observe the tone of voice, facial expression, and body language when a message is conveyed.

Constructive Feedback

Constructive feedback plays a crucial role not just in workplace communication but also in maintaining employee morale. We know that giving feedback is essential for any business operation so that the operation can be optimized further.

Not maintaining timely and constructive feedback could end up in decreased productivity and missed deadlines. Constructive feedback involves both positive and negative feedback. Positive feedback gives appreciation to your employees or teammates.

Whereas, negative feedback is usually used to express concern about their performance. Hence negative feedback may be harder to convey than positive ones. However, following the guidelines listed below can make it a whole lot easier for you.

  • Be specific about your feedback and point out the problems so that they can be fixed in the future.
  • Focus on the issue that your employee or teammate is facing rather than on the person.
  • Try to avoid criticism as it can greatly put down employee morale and instead provide suggestions for solving the issue at hand.

Harbor a Friendly Relationship Between Colleagues/Superiors

One of the key aspects that helps in establishing effective workplace communication is to bridge the gap between your colleagues/superiors. Try utilizing team-building activities to help your employees interact with each other and enhance transparency in your organization.

Knowing each other will help you create an open work culture that facilitates natural communication within the company. It means that your employees won’t hesitate to ask for help or advice whenever they need it.

Provide Clear And Concise Information

You can significantly improve workplace communication by providing your employees with clear and concise information. Doing so will make the job easier for your employees and make them more productive. It will enhance your workplace communication by minimizing confusion. As a result, you are able to deliver your project on time every time.


Diplomacy is a key aspect when it comes to maintaining good workplace communication. If you ever feel like someone has misunderstood or misinterpreted something you communicated, you should immediately try to straighten it out. It can help you avoid unnecessary conflicts. 

Furthermore, you should always approach any conflicts inside the company with an open mind and try to never make them personal.


As you can see, workplace communication can play a pivotal role in deciding the fate of your business. Hence, Businesses of all types must make it a point to follow the methods mentioned above to maintain pleasant and open workplace communication. 

Effective workplace communication will minimize internal conflicts, avoid miscommunication, and ultimately boost your business’s productivity. Therefore, every business must make improving their workplace communication a priority.

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