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 Why Empathy is Important in NewAgeSys?

Why Empathy is Important in NewAgeSys?

You can’t possibly hope to run a company while treating your employees merely as resources, and this is something that has been proven time and again. For any business to grow together, you need each and every part of it to work at its best regardless of how big or small that part may be. At NewAgeSys, we have always given predominant importance to empathy, and it is one of the reasons why we are among the top app development companies in the world today. 

Empathy shows one’s ability to understand and share another person’s feelings. It is unlike sympathy, where we just feel sorry for someone, empathy causes us to put ourselves in the shoes of another person, and hence it helps us understand that person better. Empathy is quintessential in workplaces because by the end of the day. We are all humans, and we function better as social beings that can work well in groups.

Having an empathetic approach at your workplace can be life-changing, not just for your business but for the work-life of each employee at your workplace. A shared sense of empathy can greatly boost workplace morale and help you achieve your goals faster and effectively. Our empathetic approach makes life at NewAgeSys more fulfilling and shows our employees that we care for them beyond the workloads and deadlines.

Why is Empathy Important?

Empathy is not just a word thrown around whenever it is convenient for you, which is especially true for businesses. Often, businesses have made the mistake of running after cost-effective solutions that often ignore the needs and requirements of their employees. In the effort to cut down on costs, many businesses neglect their human workforce’s well-being, which leads to division. 

The lack of relationship further makes it hard to retain a talented and dedicated team because they are most likely looking for a better prospect where they and their work will be more appreciated. If or when your employees start to feel that they are expendables as far as the management is concerned, their morale automatically goes down, and you are left with a bunch of people who are ready to jump the ship at the slightest inconvenience. 

How to Build Empathy?

As we have already mentioned, empathy is crucial for the sustainable development or growth of your business regardless of its nature or vertical. Below we list and discuss some of the ways that NewAgeSys has used to build empathy and make life at NewAgeSys better for each of the employees.

Listen, Observe, and Question

When it comes to your employees, you need to stop making the age-old mistake of assuming you know exactly what they want or need. Listen intently to their troubles, opinions, and suggestions. Even if your assumptions are based on well-informed facts, you still need to allow your employees to put forth their own version of the story because it gives you a more detailed and comprehensive picture of the situation.

Actively Engagement 

Workplace pressure is unavoidable regardless of how empathetic it is inside. There will always be some inconvenience, and maybe it’s difficulty in meeting the deadline, maybe there is a dispute between team members or some other crisis altogether. These are human-dependent circumstances, and it is not much you can do to avoid them altogether. This kind of situation puts you in a fight-or-flight mindset, and the best you can do is to be there for them. You must actively engage with the situation and the people to help them through the situation if needed. 

Avoid Multitasking

Although at first multitasking may sound like a good idea, research shows that it usually affects work productivity negatively. Multitasking splits the attention of a person between two tasks, and you often end up not putting your best effort into both of them. This is also an important factor to account for in communication as well. Communication is an important aspect that directly affects productivity, and multitasking can only complicate the communication between two or more tasks. You must always keep in mind that quality over quantity and will benefit your company and its growth in the long run.

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